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Hassle-free AI inferencing for any model, any hardware, anywhere.

Stand up ultrafast, turnkey inference microservices on CPUs or GPUs, in any cloud or edge, with no engineering fuss; then observe, maintain all your live models from one central spot.

90% of AI initiatives fail to produce ROI.
We fix that, without the clunky MLOps.

Designed specifically for AI teams juggling the pressure to put models into production yesterday. Whether you have 2 or 50 models, Wallaroo.AI eliminates common bottlenecks in deploying, observing, and managing AI models.

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Faster time to value

Achieve AI production 6 times faster with automated processes and minimal engineering.

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More deployments

Support 10 times more AI deployments effortlessly with our scalable and robust platform.

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Reduction in deployment costs

Reduce AI deployment costs by up to 80% through efficient resource utilization and automation.

The Universal AI Inference Platform

Your Data, Models, Ecosystem. Our Installed Software.

DEPLOY, Manage, OBSERVE, & Scale

Painless MLOps & LLMOps
that actually delivers results


Self-Service Toolkit to Deploy & Scale

Easy-to-use SDK, UI, and API for fast, repeatable, operations that fits into your diverse tooling.


Blazingly Fast Inference Server

Distributed computing core written in Rust-lang supports x86, ARM, CPU, and GPUs.


Advanced Observability

Comprehensive audit logs, advanced model insights, full A/B testing.



Breakthrough speed & agility
in the cloud or at the edge.

Why Wallaroo.AI?

AI, ML, LLMOps Without the Fuss

Our platform eliminates delays, reduces costs, and enhances operational efficiency, allowing your team to focus on high-value tasks with maximum business impact.

Without Wallaroo

With Wallaroo


Flexible & Ultrafast AI Deployments

  • Speed Up Deployment: Automate deployment, cutting time from months to minutes and freeing up to 40% of your team’s capacity. Achieve faster time-to-value with streamlined workflows and self-service tools​​​​.
  • Optimize Resource Use: Efficient resource utilization with automated scaling and load balancing. Wallaroo adapts to workload demands in real-time, ensuring smooth, cost-effective AI operations​​​​​​.
  • Boost Monitoring: Continuous tracking with automated drift detection and real-time monitoring ensures optimal model performance. Comprehensive observability includes audit logs and proactive alerts​​​​.
Edge AI

Simplify & Scale Your Edge Deployments

  • Reduce Complexity: Automate edge deployments with seamless integration of x86, ARM, and NVIDIA GPU hardware. Deploy inference endpoints to any environment without extensive re-engineering.
  • Effortless Scalability: Achieve up to 12X faster inferencing with sub-millisecond latency in low-resource environments. Scale effortlessly and focus on innovation.
  • Centralized Monitoring: Maintain peak performance with centralized control and continuous optimization. Real-time insights and automated updates keep operations smooth across cloud and edge environments.

Elevate Your Generative AI

  • Streamline Deployment: Low-code/no-code options simplify deploying generative AI models. Supports frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, SKLearn, and Hugging Face.
  • Scale Seamlessly: Up to 12X faster inferencing with efficient processing enhances throughput and reliability. Supports real-time and batch predictions.
  • Continuous Improvement: Built-in feedback loops and real-time insights optimize model performance. Tools for validation, A/B testing, shadow deployments, and drift detection ensure optimal results.

Wallaroo Meets You Where You Are.
Using The Tools You Use.

In addition to our rich integration toolkit to the most common data sources and sinks, Wallaroo.AI works closely with key partners and communities to create better experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Wallaroo.AI platform do?

We allow you to deploy, serve, observe, and optimize AI in production with minimal effort and via automation. Easily deploy and manage any model, across a diverse set of target environments and hardware, all within your own secure ecosystem and governance processes. We help you significantly reduce engineering time, delays and inference infrastructure costs while providing high performance inferencing for real-time and batch analysis.

Wallaroo.AI provides the fastest way to operationalize your AI at scale. We allow you to deliver real-world results with incredible efficiency, flexibility, and ease in any cloud, multi-cloud and at the edge.

Wallaroo.AI is a purpose-built solution focused on the full life cycle of production ML to impact your business outcomes with faster ROI, increased scalability, and lower costs.

  • You can easily scale your number of live models by 10X with minimal effort and via automation.
    • Focus your team more on business outcomes.
    • Deploy your models in seconds via automation and self-service.
    • Employ a robust API and data connectors for easy integration.
  • Get up to 12X faster inferencing, 80% lower cost, and free up 40% of your AI team’s time.
    • Target x86/ARM/CPU/GPU via simple config.
    • Don’t be blocked on GPU availability.
    • Get sub-millisecond latency and efficient analysis of large batches.
  • Continuously observe and optimize your AI in production to get to value 3X faster.
    • Troubleshoot your live models in real-time.
    • Retrain and hot-swap live models.
    • Centrally observe and manage local or remote pipelines.

Yes, our Community Edition is free for you to try at your convenience. Sign up and download it today here.

We offer free hands-on proofs-of-value (POVs) to prove out platform capabilities and give hands-on experience as well as paid POCs to jumpstart your work on items specific to your use case.

We support deployment to on-premise clusters, edge locations, and cloud-based machines in AWS, Azure, and GCP.

All of Wallaroo.AI’s functionality is exposed via Python SDK and an API, making integrations to a wide variety of other tools very lightweight. Our expert team is also available to support integrations as needed.

Wallaroo.AI has an easy-to-use installer as well as support for Helm-based installations. Many of our customers are able to easily install Wallaroo.AI themselves using our deployment guides, but we also have an expert team ready to support you with any questions or more custom deployment needs.

Minutes. Wallaroo.AI allows you to deploy most models in just three lines of Python code. Wallaroo.AI will host detailed, customized trainings for new customers, enabling you on even the most advanced features of the platform in about four hours.

We’ve helped our customers to deploy AI models to the cloud and the edge for a wide variety of use cases. These span many types of machine learning models, including computer vision models (such as Resnet and YOLO), LLMs (such as LLaMav2, Dolly, and Whisper), and many traditional AI models such as Linear/Logistic Regression, Random Forest, Gradient Boosted trees, and more. These also span many industries, including Manufacturing, Retail, Life Sciences, Telecommunication, Defense, Financial Services, and more.

Wallaroo.AI supports low-code deployment for essentially any Python-based or MLFlow-containerized model as well as even lighter-weight deployment for common Python frameworks such as Scikit-Learn, XGBoost, Tensorflow, PyTorch, ONNX, and HuggingFace.

The Wallaroo.AI platform has a wide variety of tools available to monitor your models in production, including automatic detection of model drift, data drift, and anomalies, challenger model evaluation, and workflow automation for batch processing.

Get Your AI Models Into Production, Fast.

Unblock your AI team with the easiest, fastest, and most flexible way to deploy AI without complexity or compromise. 

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