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About Wallaroo.AI

Wallaroo.AI empowers enterprise AI teams to operationalize machine learning (ML) to drive positive outcomes with a unified software platform that enables deployment, observability, optimization and scalability of ML in the cloud, in decentralized networks, and at the edge.


Founded in 2017, we’re a group of veteran software engineers, ML engineers, and product managers

Together, we’ve got more than a century of distributed computing, ML Engineering, and low-latency systems engineering experience that’s being harnessed to build a product that’s meant to be as easy to use as it is powerful.

  • We’re practitioners first – that means we care about technology in the service of business outcomes 
  • We earn our customer’s trust – we combine what our customers tell us, with our expertise and what we’re learning from the market to help them on their journey
  • We’re care about how things work – we think deeply about architecture, scalability, and user experience

Leadership Team

In Good Company

Vid Jain

Founder, CEO

Stephen Spellicy


Brenda Jaeck

VP Finance

Nina Zumel

VP Data Science

Jason McCampbell

Chief Architect

Chris McDermott

VP Platform Engineering

Younes Amar

VP of Product

Meet our investors

We’re fortunate to have the solid backing of stellar investors as we continue to grow.

When a customer is visibly excited to speak about a company’s product during a reference call, it’s always a good sign. But when this happens with every customer, you know that a startup is on to something great. This infectious evangelism is exactly what we felt firsthand when talking to users of Wallaroo. Wallaroo customers consistently shared that the tool made their teams more efficient and more effective at creating business value. This kind of enthusiasm is a testament to the customer centricity and prioritization of the user experience that drives the team at Wallaroo.

Microsoft’s M12 Venture Fund

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