Announcing Our Documentation Site for Wallaroo Users

April 29, 2022

As we continue to scale and add new customers and users, we needed to collect the various user guides and other documentation into a single hub to make it easier for Wallaroo administrators, data scientists and engineers to use Wallaroo on all levels.

Announcing the Wallaroo Documentation Site, your self-service destination to make it easy for data scientists and data engineers to start working with Wallaroo immediately. From the documentation site, you can:

  • Use the instructions to create your own Kubernetes cloud environment in AWS, GCP and Azure that supports Wallaroo Community Edition.
  • Learn how to install Wallaroo Community Edition into your own Kubernetes environment.
  • Follow the SDK guides demonstrating how to connect to Wallaroo and interact with essential components.
  • Take advantage of tutorials showing step-by-step how to’s for importing ML models, running inferences, and getting results with sample models and data.

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