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Building the “Community” in the Wallaroo Community Edition

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As you might have heard, we just announced that we are launching Wallaroo Community Edition into general availability. Our CEO, Vid, wrote a longer piece I recommend you read about the strategic reasons for launching the free Community Edition to complement our Enterprise Edition.

I have over two decades of experience in the tech industry and have managed global developer community programs engaging with amazing developers, engineers, and data scientists ranging from hobbyists and higher education all the way to professional developers in the enterprise.  The community highlight for me was and is meeting with and getting to know the people in the community. Whether via online webinars and videos or in person conferences, hands on labs or hackathons, the enthusiasm of the community to grow and learn along with the creativity to solve challenges always impresses and humbles me. It is from these experiences that I wanted to provide a different viewpoint focused on the sort of community we are looking to foster with this release. 

The power of the community and the value that they bring to any sized company, especially an early-stage startup such as Wallaroo, is very important. At Wallaroo our community comes from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences. This encompasses everything from enthusiasts trying something new, to early career professionals and career switchers looking to get into the ML space, or small data teams in startups and enterprises looking for a way to start deploying a small handful of models, or even seasoned data scientists and ML engineers from large enterprises kicking the tires and discovering if the solution makes sense to their organization. Everyone brings their own unique and valuable perspective and insights into how to solve the challenges of bringing an ML project to production. It’s through what we learn from our community that we can learn how to improve our product and solve the challenges of ML deployment better.

The community we are fostering congregates on the Wallaroo Community Slack channel, which is a welcoming place for people to build on their learning experiences, exchange ideas, share projects, and connect with other like-minded community folks. The community will also play a crucial role in helping to give open and honest feedback on what works and what to improve in our product and our product documentation through using the Wallaroo Community Edition. The community will have access to the latest product and documentation updates through the Slack channel as well as our  newsletter, and will be notified of upcoming online activities such as webinars, talks and where to find us at in person conferences.

 We are at the beginning of our product journey at Wallaroo and are committed to continuously driving improvements and updates in our products and looking for better ways for teams to rapidly deploy their ML models and get the optimal value out of their data insights. We want to learn from you, and we hope you learn from us. Sign up, download, and start playing with the free Community Edition. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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