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Everyone is talking about AI but few enterprises have moved beyond training models. 

Yet some of those enterprises who are in production are already finding value in their AI initiatives. 

What are these leading-edge firms doing that allows them to create successful ML solutions when others cannot? 

And how can others learn from their best practices and avoid the things that did not work for them?

Wallaroo.AI set out to find the answers.

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100% Verified ML Research 

Wallaroo.AI commissioned NewtonX – the world’s leading B2B market research company – to reach out to ML leaders at leading-edge firms who have successfully put models in production.

“The significance of this report cannot be overstated,” said Patiwat Panurach, VP of Strategic Insights and Analytics at NewtonX. 

“As this research shows, investment in machine learning is expected to at least double in the next three years, while models are projected to scale upwards of five-fold,” said Panurach. “The implications of such rapid growth and expansion are profound, placing intense pressure on Chief Data Officers.”

“In a landscape where knowledge is power, this report, which is based on the expertise of the enterprise leaders shaping the future of machine learning, will enrich the strategies for other Chief Data Officers, and help them build a robust foundation for the ML-powered future,” he said.

In Their Own Words
What Makes ML Successful at Leading-Edge Firms

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of AI team leaders at leading-edge organizations felt their AI initiatives are generating value


of leading-edge organizations plan to investment more than double in their AI initiatives


cites the efforts required to integrate tools as major challenge in getting ML into production


said that the number of discrete tools needed throughout the process was a major challenge

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