In The News: Wallaroo Featured In RCR Wireless About 5G And Edge ML

August 26, 2022
Contributed article to RCR Wireless Media from Wallaroo Labs

Explore the synergy of 5G and edge ML in unlocking new revenue avenues for CSPs. Uncover the challenges and solutions in deploying and managing edge ML models in this insightful article by Wallaroo experts.

The combination of 5G with edge ML promises new revenue streams to communication service providers (CSPs). But taking complex machine learning models trained in cloud or on-prem environments and deploying them at the edge is still relatively new. The dev environment can be so different from the live production environment that it could take months of reengineering before a single model can be successfully deployed at the edge. And once live, the data scientists who developed the model often have no view into the ongoing performance of their model until something goes wrong.

In this contributed article to RCR Wireless Media, Wallaroo’s Director of Architecture, Jason McCampbell, and Head of Product Marketing, Hector Leano, delve deeper into the observability and performance hurdles CSPs need to overcome in order to operationalize edge ML.