Wallaroo May Product Release Notes

June 9, 2022

Product overview

The Wallaroo platform enables companies to deploy, manage, observe and optimize their ML models in a simple, secure, and scalable fashion to facilitate the last mile of their ML journey. The Wallaroo platform offering is comprised of 3 core components:

  • Self-service toolkit for ML model deployment: (which offers two core capabilities)
    • Integrations. The Wallaroo platform can be installed in any type of environment (cloud, edge, hybrid and on-prem). Additionally, the Wallaroo platform supports ML pipelines across different model training frameworks (TensorFlow, sklearn, PyTorch, XGBoost, etc.). The Wallaroo platform also offers data connectors to process various types of data modalities. 
    • ML pipeline management. Data Scientists can leverage the Wallaroo platform’s self-service SDK, UI and API to collaborate, manage and deploy their ML models and pipelines in a production environment.
  • Blazingly fast compute engine: Wallaroo’s purpose-built compute engine allows running models on vast amounts of data with optimized computational resource utilization, based on the size of data and complexity of ML pipelines to run. 
  • Advanced observability: Data Scientists can generate actionable insights at scale and help identify new business trends by analyzing model performance in real-time within the Wallaroo platform.  

May release overview

As we continue to iterate on our core capabilities, we are pleased to announce the following product improvements in our May 2022 product release:

  • Pipeline User Interface Based Management
    • Available for Wallaroo Enterprise and Community customers: Pipelines are built, deployed, and undeployed from both the Wallaroo Dashboard and from the Wallaroo SDK.  This allows users to click and deploy without having to run programming code.
  • Single-host Linux Installation
    • Available for Wallaroo Enterprise customers Only: This feature expands Wallaroo to be installed on Kubernetes cloud environments and Kubernetes environments on single-host bare Linux and virtual machines.
  • User Administration
    • For Wallaroo Enterprise customers Only: User administration is integrated into Wallaroo as a service. The capability allows enterprise administrators to set up authorized users in Wallaroo. User authentication can be configured to be either through the native Wallaroo login interface or through other Single-Sign-On services such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft, and GitHub. Custom Single-Sign-On solutions will be added in future versions and releases.
  • DNS Configuration:
    • For Wallaroo Enterprise customers Only: Wallaroo integration with your organization’s DNS Configuration provides easier access for users to the web-based Wallaroo self-service toolkit tools (UI, API and SDK) which can be hosted in your own company domains.

For more information on these and other features, see the Wallaroo Documentation Page.

For more information about this release, please contact us at deployML@wallaroo.ai .

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