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Product Overview

Fast, Easy, and Flexible Production AI at Scale

One platform for deploying, observing, and managing AI models at scale in production. Designed so high impact AI teams can stay lean and nimble.
The Problem

Eliminate AI Deployment Barriers

Taking AI initiatives from prototype to production is riddled with technical  complexities, operational inefficiencies, and limited resources. This is why most AI initiatives fail. As a result, businesses risk falling behind, stunting innovation, and losing competitive advantage. With Wallaroo, AI teams automate and streamline deployment across any environment, ensuring you can rapidly scale AI and drive business value.

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of AI initiatives fail to reach production. – Gartner

The Solution

Effective AI in Production Simplified

Wallaroo helps teams easily operationalize AI models to any cloud, edge or on-premises environment. Providing intuitive capabilities for AI teams to deploy, manage and monitor models in production at scale with ease and repeatability.

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Any Model, Any Hardware Anywhere

From cloud analytics, edge and LLMs, the Wallaroo platform is capable of deploying, monitoring and observing with ultimate flexibility and speed.

Cloud Analytics

Your Analytics Working For You, Without Complexity

Wallaroo’s platform capabilities enable easy, fast and scalable predictive and prescriptive Analytics across different data modalities in any cloud environment, delivering value with unprecedented speed and with no technical debt.

  • Simplified Model Deployment: Intuitive UI and SDK empower AI teams to auto package and deploy models effortlessly within their own data & AI ecosystem.
  • Flexible Deployment: Support for any model deployed across any ecosystem, and hardware architectures for AI inference, such as x86, ARM and NVIDIA GPU, with easy configurations for compute, memory, and auto-scaling requirements.
  • Automated Model Monitoring: Centralized observability and built-in model performance metrics and alerts informing real-time business impact.
  • Streamlined Model Management: Native model optimization capabilities such as A/B testing, shadow deployment, Blue/Green deployment and in-line model updates helping to close the loop and maintain business continuity.
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Edge & Multi-Cloud

Get The Most Out Of Your AI Across Any Environment

Wallaroo delivers flexible and scalable AI operations to decentralized edge and multi-cloud environments for connected and air-gapped deployment scenarios, while managing and observing models centrally.

  • Speed and Ease: Seamless auto packaging and publishing of AI pipelines for diverse edge and multi-cloud deployment targets.
  • Scalability: Deploy, and orchestrate models securely to decentralized Edge and Multi-Cloud locations with operational continuity while maintaining centralized, repeatable model management and observability.
  • Efficiency: Optimized for flexible model deployment to connected or air-gapped hardware and architecture environments with centralized management and observability without forfeiting data driven decision velocity.
Generative AI & LLMs

Operationalize GenAI With Flexibility & Peace Of Mind

Wallaroo empowers enterprises to deploy, manage, and scale GenAI and LLM models running with ease and flexibility within their data and AI ecosystem , enabling faster time to value and optimal infrastructure utilization.

  • Deploy Quickly: Utilize our robust APIs and seamless data connectors to package and deploy LLMs across any cloud, edge, or hybrid environment, with up to 30x faster time to production.
  • Flexible Monitoring: Bring your own custom monitoring algorithms and metrics for your LLMs or integrate LLM monitoring metrics directly in your reporting tools for further analysis using Wallaroo’s data connectors.
  • Manage Scale Effortlessly: The Wallaroo platform scales with your needs, from a handful to thousands of models, creating repeatable production deployments for LLMs that need minimal re-engineering and infrastructure dependencies.
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Wallaroo Meets You Where You Are. Using The Tools You Use.

In addition to our rich integration toolkit to the most common data sources and sinks, Wallaroo.AI works closely with key partners and communities to create better experiences.

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1 Platform. 3 Core Components.
Full Production AI Capabilities.

In order to truly operationalize AI in production, AI teams need to consider the full model operations lifecycle beyond deployment and think of production AI in terms of continuous iteration, continuous deployment.

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Model Operations Center

Deploy & manage models in seconds with full governance & observability

Inference Server

Generate more inferences, faster, on less compute in any cloud, on prem or at the edge

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Integration toolkit | Wallaroo.AI

Integration Toolkit

Integrate into your ecosystem so your data scientists can keep using their favorite tools


Enable collaboration and agility while enhancing security and control.

The conventional approach to operationalizing AI involves data scientists building a model and then handing that model over to ML engineers to deploy into production. The problem with this waterfall approach is ML models do not lend themselves to clean handoffs from data scientist to engineer. ML models require constant monitoring and tweaking even in production as the world continually changes.

We’ve built Wallaroo.AI on a workspace-based paradigm to make it easy for administrators to give the right kind of access to the different user types.

Workshop & Certification

Stay ahead of the curve with Production AI & ML Best Practices

Find out more about Wallaroo.AI’s ML Production Skill-Building Workshop.

Get Your AI Models Into Production, Fast.

Unblock your AI team with the easiest, fastest, and most flexible way to deploy AI without complexity or compromise. 

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