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The Definitive Guide to Wallaroo

AI has the potential to create incredible value for enterprise organizations and leveraging ML should make your life easier. But first, it needs to get into production — and that’s where organizations run into deployment, scaling and monitoring issues. Find out how to beat these three challenges:

  1. Deploying models on your existing ecosystem
  2. Scaling to more data, more models, and more complexity
  3. Monitoring ongoing accuracy and immediately 9 detecting model drift

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Wallaroo puts your ML to work. Get ML into your production environment faster to impact the bottom line with:

Plug-and-play: Your data. Your tools. Your ecosystem.

  1. Swift and simple ML deployments at up to 12.5X faster
  2. Lightning-speed computing at an 80% lower cost
  3. Real-time insights
  4. A self-service toolkit

Wallaroo levels the machine learning playing field:

Easy, Secure and Scalable Deployment
Launch 3X Faster
12.5X Faster Inferencing
80% Lower Server Costs