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Dissecting the Future of Edge Investment and Use Cases for Mass Adoption

Join Jason McCampbell, Wallaroo’s Director of Architecture, and other industry experts as they discuss the future of Edge computing at The AI Summit & IoT World Conference and Expo.

In this event, they discuss where investment in edge makes the most sense, what challenges to anticipate, and what skill sets are required for edge computing to be successful.

Watch the on-demand recording of their conversation to stay in-the-know, and on the edge.

Panel Speakers

Jason McCampbell

Director of Architecture @ Wallaroo-AI

Gloryvee Cordero

Senior Architect @ CVS Health

Dan Whitacre

Senior Director, Kroger Labs & Technology Transformation

Jeff Dymond

Global CTO, Edge & IoT Partner & Industries Office @ Dell Technologies

Eric Conn

Managing Director @ IoT For All

What you’ll learn in this session:

  • Why edge is so integral to AI & IoT.
  • Innovative use cases of edge computing and their trajectory in different sectors.
  • How to reduce management costs.
  • The biggest questions around the future of edge deployment and growth.

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