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Why Hiring More Data Scientists Won’t Create More ROI From Your AI/ML

Recently our CEO Vid Jain spoke to a group of CDAOs in Boston as part of the Chief Data & Analytics Officer Exchange.

In his talk, Vid spoke about how most enterprises face multiple hurdles to deliver ROI from their AI investments. This can include data foundation, organizational alignment, talent, and operationalizing the models into production to drive the bottom line.

The Last-Mile of ML:

Vid shares the challenges Wallaroo’s own customers have faced in the “last-mile of ML,” due to deployment and scaling issues, poor model performance, and decaying models that lose efficacy over time.

Finally he discusses how Wallaroo helps unblock the last-mile of the machine learning journey, turning ML from an R&D project into a company-wide foundation for creating revenue and driving business efficiencies while letting your data scientists focus on data science.

Wallaroo levels the machine learning playing field:

Easy, Secure and Scalable Deployment
Launch 3X Faster
12.5X Faster Inferencing
80% Lower Server Costs