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Unlock AI at Scale For Optimized Retail Experiences

Operationalizing AI in retail is riddled with technical complexities, limited AI engineering bandwidth, and poor monitoring. This is why most AI initiatives fail to deliver value. As a result, businesses risk falling behind and miss potential revenue generating opportunities and efficiency gains.

Accelerate AI Innovation for Maximum ROI

Going from ML prototype to an actual AI-based product is too often thought of as just wrapping a ML model in a container and deploying it on to a server. We are focused on the full life cycle of production ML – not just deployment but also observability, validation, and optimization.
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of AI initiatives fail to reach production. – Gartner

Self Checkout

Simplify production AI for seamless self-checkout or cashierless experiences at scale, enabling any retail store to offer a modern shopping journey. We reduce the technical overhead and complexity for delivering a checkout experience that’s easy and efficient no matter where your stores are located.

  • Eliminate Checkout Delays: Easy and fast model deployment for a smooth self-checkout process, allowing customers to enjoy faster, hassle-free shopping experiences.
  • Drive Operational Efficiencies: Simplifying the process of scaling AI-driven self-checkout solutions to multiple retail locations ensuring uniform customer experiences no matter the location of the store while reducing in-store labor costs.
  • Continuous Improvement: Enabling integrated data insights for informing self-checkout improvements across various locations, ensuring the best customer experience, regardless of where they shop.
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Campaign Personalization

Execute, adapt, and scale personalized digital campaigns with confidence by tapping into the preferences, interests and needs of individual consumers through quick, easy deployment and management of your AI models capturing a larger share of wallet. 

  • Deploy Personalized Campaigns Quickly: Self-service model deployment in minutes driving personalized campaigns that precisely target customer preferences, enhancing engagement and increasing loyalty.
  • Adapt & Scale Campaigns: Dynamically adjust and scale your personalized campaigns to meet changing customer needs with “zero downtime” model optimization and updates in production. 
  • Refined & Efficient Targeting: Tailor campaigns using deeper predictive and prescriptive analytical models for identifying events, outcomes, patterns ensuring your campaigns hit the mark every time.

Customer Loyalty
& Care

Easily deploy your AI models directly for predictive and engaging customer retention and support. So you can harness the AI at scale for early detection of customer churn risks and to elevate the quality of customer service, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience.

  • Simplify Churn Prediction: Effortlessly roll out your AI models designed to identify and engage at-risk customers before they decide to leave, enhancing your retention strategies.
  • Elevate Support with AI Efficiency: Rapidly deploy AI models for accurate and tailored customer support, raising the bar for customer satisfaction.
  • Scale Support Effortlessly: Easily scale and customize AI-driven services across your customer base, optimizing the customer support experience while managing costs effectively.
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Inventory Tracking
& Supply Chain

Swiftly implement computer vision AI models across any location for rapid and accurate product recognition, along with real-time inventory tracking. So you can prevent common retail pitfalls like out-of-stock or overstock scenarios, safeguarding against potential revenue losses.

  • Keep Inventory Optimal: Utilize production AI at scale for precise stock management, avoiding overstock and out-of-stock situations.
  • Supply Chain Efficiency: Deploy predictive analytics for a more adaptable and efficient supply chain, responding proactively to shifts in demand.
  • Simplified Expansion and Oversight: Effortlessly scale your AI-driven inventory and supply chain solutions across locations, maintaining quality and consistency with centralized control.
Why Wallaroo?

Production AI Made
Easy, Flexible, and Efficient

Guidance from AI Experts

Let our expert team boost yours, ensuring you adopt best practices, mitigate technical risks, swiftly develop prototypes, and quickly realize value. Our experience spans the latest in AI, from generative models to edge computing solutions.

Simplified AI Deployment

The Wallaroo Operations Center is your command hub for AI, making it straightforward to deploy, scale, and manage AI projects without the need for specialized skills. This efficiency frees up your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Accelerated AI Performance

With Wallaroo, you’ll see faster data processing, cutting down on both infrastructure costs and the wait time for results. Whether you’re working with batch or real-time data, our platform is designed for speed.

Insights for Continuous Improvement

 Benefit from immediate feedback on your AI’s performance. Our platform provides tools for A/B testing and detects shifts in model accuracy and performance, ensuring your AI initiatives continuously align with business goals and deliver tangible results.

Get Your AI Models Into Production, Fast.

Unblock your AI team with the easiest, fastest, and most flexible way to deploy AI without complexity or compromise. 

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