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Computer Vision AI

Ultra-Fast, Secure, and Scalable Computer Vision with Wallaroo.AI Edge Computing

Getting ROI from Computer Vision AI

Deriving actionable insights from digital images and videos can make computer vision (CV) a pivotal strategy for your organization. But until you can make purposeful recommendations based on the information you gain from CV, and take action at scale, cost-effectively, and reliably, you can’t make it valuable.

With CV, your ML engineers have to repeat the same code sets across all phases of production, taking up their valuable time and allowing more room for error. And it leads to several other challenges:

  • Infrastructure availability and cost to run inference at scale
  • Increased engineering and complexity overhead to optimize model deployments
  • Ability to easily monitor/observe key aspects of CV models in production
  • Difficulty deploying to edge environments like manufacturing floors or retail outlets
  • Difficulty closing the loop from training to value creation
  • Automating and scheduling recurring batch processing of large image data sets

But what if you could address all these challenges and ensure your computer vision investments are driving business value?

Wallaroo.AI is here to help you do just that.

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Why Wallaroo for Computer Vision AI?

The Wallaroo.AI Enterprise Edition allows you to minimize engineering overhead and achieve benefits like reduced latency, enhanced privacy and security, improved reliability, and less bandwidth consumption.

Wallaroo is the most comprehensive and flexible out-of-the-box solution for deploying, serving, observing, and optimizing computer vision models.

With Wallaroo, you can:

  • Reduce the amount of infrastructure/cost needed by up to 6X (with no impact to efficacy of your models).
  • Package, configure, and optimize models for target deployment in seconds.
  • Deploy, centrally monitor, and manage CV models across hundreds or even thousands of edge nodes.
  • Employ a comprehensive and automated means of observing data and model drift in real-time.
  • Quickly and efficiently package models and ML pipelines for edge deployment at scale.
  • Run A/B tests across multiple models in production efficiently.
  • Allow data scientists and engineers to accomplish all their tasks with a few lines of Python code.

Save yourself the hassle of stitching together several point solutions from deployment to monitoring or using very specialized CV solutions with limited flexibility to customize models.

Wallaroo is flexible enough to allow any type of CV model, especially when you’re using a mix of models.

The Value of Wallaroo.AI for CV in Retail
Wallaroo.AI Edge Computer Vision Demo

Computer Vision AI Across Industries with Wallaroo.AI

Get transformative results by applying Wallaroo’s capabilities across various industries.


Automate quality control and enhance safety on assembly lines with Wallaroo. By analyzing visual data in real time, you can promptly detect anomalies, identify hazards, and guide machinery operations efficiently, ensuring high-quality outputs and increased worker safety.


Transform patient care with Wallaroo. You can optimize diagnostic imaging by swiftly analyzing scans and accurately identifying potential health issues.

Security and Surveillance

Reinforce your security measures with Wallaroo. Empower your surveillance systems with real-time video analysis capabilities, improving threat detection and incident response times.


Redefine the retail experience with Wallaroo. Gain valuable insights into customer behavior, monitor real-time inventory levels to predict demand and adjust, optimize inventory placement in-store to drive higher sales, and enable fine-tuning business operations to maximize profitability.

Transportation and Logistics

Revolutionize your transportation and logistics management with Wallaroo. Monitor traffic conditions and warehouse operations effectively. Benefit from accurate, real-time visual data analysis, optimizing your logistical operations.

Smart Cities

Build smarter and safer cities for the future. Wallaroo computer vision solutions enable infrastructure monitoring, crowd management, and traffic control in busy intersections, among other applications.

Get Your AI Models Into Production, Fast.

Unblock your AI team with the easiest, fastest, and most flexible way to deploy AI without complexity or compromise. 

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