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Under the Hood

The Wallaroo.AI platform has been purpose-built from the ground up for performance, simplicity, and security

Built for performance, speed, and simplicity

  • Containerization vs. Wallaroo-ization
  • Built from ground-up in rust so you are getting C speed Learn more
  • Kubernetes to go in any cloud, on prem, distributed networks, and the cloud
  • Installed software so meets your security needs – you own your data at all times
  • API, SDK or UI for managing models in production
  • Autoscale: Scaling the resources allocated to each ML pipeline inside Wallaroo.AI based on the specific load for each model or inference Learn more
  • Observability, logging and auditing
Wallaroo.AI Architecture

Centralized Ops + Distributed Serving

Wallaroo.AI is installed software that goes into any Kubernetes environment, including any cloud, on-prem, and edge.

Leverage our API, SDK, or UI as a central pane of glass to simply deploy, test, observe, and manage models in production.

Your Data Science /
ML Environments
Operations Center
Your Cloud /
On Prem
Your Cloud /
On Prem
Remote Cloud /
On Prem
Wallaroo.AI Performance

More inferences on less compute

We built our inference serving engine from the ground-up in Rust to deliver more inferences on less compute, saving you cloud costs or enabling deployment in constrained edge environments. Autoscale the resources allocated to each ML pipeline inside Wallaroo.AI based on the specific load for each model or inference. 

Containerization vs. Wallaroo.AI

The common approach to deployment requires several customer steps for each model in production. Wallaroo.AI provides a purpose-built engine with a highly optimized server that accepts text or binar inputs and supports features like hot-swapping, edge deployments, and more.

Simple to Use, Fast to Deploy

Watch this tutorial of  the free Community Edition and see for yourself how easy it is to use Wallaroo.AI technology

Technology Ecosystem

Wallaroo.AI wants you to take advantage of tools your ML engineers and data scientists are already familiar with. And we want to make sure we’re taking advantage of all the latest technologies that can help you do more with the resources you already have.


Take a deep dive into Wallaroo technology with operational guides, tutorials, FAQs, release notes, a glossary, and more

Community Edition

See first-hand how easy it is for Data Scientists and ML Engineers to use our unified ML production platform.

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