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Bring Any AI Model to Production, Effortlessly

Fast track your AI initiatives and accelerate success. Whether enhancing customer experiences in retail or advancing clinical trials in healthcare, Wallaroo.AI delivers the foundation for deploying, managing and observing production AI across any industry.
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"The speed to implementation of features that we didn't even know we needed has been great! It's been a great experience using Wallaroo."

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Built For Flexibility

Any Model, Any Time, In Any Environment

Quickly, easily and seamlessly operationalize the latest AI models to any environment, from GenAI to Computer Vision and everything in between. With Wallaroo.AI you can deploy, monitor and observe with ultimate flexibility and speed.

Computer Vision

Fast business decisions at scale with low latency overhead

Deliver  repeatable, flexible, and scalable Computer Vision model deployments to any environment and inference endpoint with centralized management, and orchestration to quickly realize business value from your models. 

  • Deploy Quickly: Enables your AI teams to deploy CV models to production in hours (VS. weeks or months) without technical complexity.
  • Versatile Deployment: Flexible CPU and GPU architectures, without compromising your data and infrastructure reducing in infrastructure utilization for inferencing up to 80%.
  • Centralized Control: Advanced analytics and data processing for reducing network consumption & latency of sending image files to cloud data centers.
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Use today’s insights to navigate the future with precision

Easily deploy, manage and scale forecasting models using your data to predict future events and outcomes, and identify patterns, for future business, customer and industry trends.

  • Flexible Deployment:  Seamless auto packaging and native support for deployments across available hardware architectures for AI inference, such as x86, ARM and NVIDIA GPU, with easy configurations for compute, memory, and auto-scaling requirements.
  • Predictive Power: Centralized observability and built-in model performance metrics and alerts informing quick and accurate strategic decisions.
  • Self Service Operations: Empower Data Scientists and ML Engineers centralized self-serve automation and optimization of models in production with repeatable, scalable production workflows.

Confidently sort, explore, and reveal key insights

Accelerated and scalable deployment, observability and management of classification models enabling businesses to quickly implement AI for image recognition, sentiment analysis, spam detection, fraud prevention, and more.”

  • Fast and Easy: Centralized automated model packaging across common frameworks enables self-service model deployment and serving to the environment and architecture of your choice in minutes.
  • Instant Insights: Integrated observability reports, alerts and audit logs for model performance and drift informing easy, fast and accurate real-time business impact.
  • Hands Off: Easy on-demand and scheduled inference workloads with data and compute orchestration.
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Generative AI & LLMs

Operationalize the future of AI with ease

Deploy, manage, and scale the latest GenAI and LLM models with ease and flexibility.  Wallaroo enables a seamless integration with your existing data and AI ecosystem. This ensures not only a faster time to value and optimal infrastructure utilization. 

  • Deploy Quickly: Utilize our robust APIs and seamless data connectors to package and deploy LLMs across any cloud, edge, or hybrid environment with up to 30x reduced time to production.
  • Flexible Monitoring: Bring your own custom monitoring algorithms and metrics for your LLMs or integrate LLM monitoring metrics directly in your reporting tools for further analysis using Wallaroo’s data connectors.
  • Manage Scale Effortlessly: Wallaroo.AI’s platform scales with your needs, from a handful to thousands of models, creating repeatable production deployments for LLMs that need minimal re-engineering and infrastructure.

Get Your AI Models Into Production, Fast.

Unblock your AI team with the easiest, fastest, and most flexible way to deploy AI without complexity or compromise. 

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