Wallaroo Community Edition is Here!

April 18, 2022

Some of the largest enterprises in the world have been using Wallaroo to deploy, run, and observe their ML models in production at scale. Now we want to get Wallaroo into the hands of as many folks as possible. That’s why we are extremely happy to announce a free version of Wallaroo aimed at the Machine Learning and Data Science community at large with the launch of our Community Edition (Wallaroo CE).

Sign up in the portal to get access to the early access beta launching on May 2 shortly followed by the full launch of the Community Edition two months later. 

Wallaroo CE is aimed at those looking to speed up and simplify the deployment and management of ML models and pipelines. This can be everyone from a small ML team, Open Source projects, or just those wishing to learn MLOps with hands-on experience. 

We’re really proud of what we’ve built and we’d like you to be one of the first to try it.

With the Wallaroo Community Edition you get:

  • Simple install and configuration of Wallaroo in any major cloud
  • Self-service toolkit to deploy ML pipelines and run inferencing
  • Model management and collaboration features
  • Model performance metrics and advanced experimentation
  • A modern, ultrafast inference engine 
  • Up to 32 CPUs of compute for inferencing
  • Up to 2 active deployments for up to 2 users
  • Access to the Wallaroo Community Slack for support

What you don’t get with the Community edition (but comes with the Enterprise Edition):

  • Enterprise SSO, User administration, and role based access controls
  • Advanced model observability (monitoring, explainability, troubleshooting)
  • Auto-scaling, unlimited scale and unlimited active users
  • On-premise and edge deployments
  • Enterprise support, including enterprise data integration 

Need more info? Get started with Wallaroo 101.