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Wallaroo Platform Wins 2022 Digital Innovator Award From Digital Analyst Firm Intellyx

Wallaroo Platform Wins 2022 Digital Innovator Award From Digital Analyst Firm Intellyx | Wallaroo.AI

We are pleased to announce that Wallaroo has been recognized as a 2022 Digital Innovator according to Intellyx, the first and only industry analysis and advisory firm focused on digital transformation. 

Intellyx deemed Wallaroo to be one of “the most disruptive and innovative firms” in its space. The Wallaroo platform has been consistently delivering higher-than-expected results for enterprises by drastically minimizing the effort to deploy and manage machine learning in production. We want to thank Intellyx for their deep dive into our technology and the problem we help solve for enterprises that invest significantly in AI and ML but are not seeing the ROI in these investments. 

Reach out if you would like to speak with one of our experts about how our platform can accelerate your AI initiatives. You can also try the Wallaroo platform yourself for free with our Community Edition.

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