Wallaroo Presenting at Ai4 in Las Vegas Aug 16-18

July 28, 2022

Our VP of Operations, Aaron Friedman, will be speaking at Ai4 2022 on August 18th in Las Vegas. In his talk, The P&L of ML, he will discuss how to understand when Machine Learning actually provides value. He will explore the different stages of the machine learning lifecycle and how to account for cost vs. value.

Wallaroo will also be at the floor if you would like to speak to our team of executives and Applied AI specialists in attendance, along with a special, magical guest. Email us at deployML@wallaroo.ai to set up an appointment with our team or if you would like a special discount to the event.

About Ai4

Ai4 2022 brings together thousands of business leaders and data practitioners to facilitate the responsible adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. With a use-case oriented approach to content, Ai4 delivers actionable insights from those working on the frontlines of AI in the enterprise.